Spain Virtual Number

What is Spain Virtual Number?

Spain Virtual Number is a real phone number in the "cloud" with an actual Spain area code. Once you signup, you can forward all your incoming calls to anywhere in the world.

Your Spain virtual phone number can ring at VoIP phone, IP PBX system, Voicemail, or at local /mobile phone numbers after choosing applicable call forwarding options.

Some examples of usage are as folows;

Businesses: With virtual numbers, a call center located in India can have a phone number from Spain. With an ability to respond local Spain calls, call center would appear to be in Spain when in fact it can be in India or anywhere else in the world even in different time zones, delivering 24/7 cover.

Individuals: Another popular user of Spain virtual numbers are migrants and travelers, who appreciate the fact that their friends and family back home can contact them making a local call in Spain.

How Spain Virtual Number Works?

Virtual numbers work anywhere in the world and you can get & customize Spain virtual number in minutes, as easy as 1-2-3...

Virtual Phone Number

1. Pick a number of your choice

Get a phone number with area code of your choice from Spain. You can also choose to get Spain Toll Free Number.


Virtual Receptionist

2. Create virtual receptionist or forward calls

Create a custom main greeting with auto attendant or forward calls directy to your VoIP/IP PBX system or phone number of your choice including mobiles anywhere in the world. You can also forward to voicemail directly.

Virtual Number

3. Customize rules for Incoming Calls

Create & customize extensions to forward calls anywhere: home, office or your mobile, simulaneously or sequentially, based on rules you create.

Now when people call your new Spain virtual number, they are connected through VoxNumbers.

If you choose to create virtual receptionist, callers hear customized and professionally recorded greetings, and are then routed where you want & when you want.

You also have the option to forward calls directly to your VoIP system or phone number of your choice anywhere in the world. You'll never miss an important opportunity and can avoid unwanted or unimportant calls.


VoxNumbers offers simple pricing for Spain virtual numbers with 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

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We accept all major debit and credit cards as well as PayPal. In case you are not satisfied with our service we refund all charged amounts back to your credit card or your PayPal account with our 30 day money back guarantee.

VoxNumbers is a month-to-month service that doesn't require any contracts. You just choose a plan, pick a number and set your extensions or forward calls to phone number of your choice. All taxes are included in our prices.

NOTE: Each country has it's own legal and regulatory restrictions regarding the usage of virtual numbers. Any customer is solely responsible for the operation of his own business, for complying with any applicable legal and regulatory provisions and for applying and obtaining the required license(s). VoxNumbers recommends its customers to seek advice on any legal and regulatory obligations and restrictions before using VoxNumbers Services. For Spain VoxNumbers:

Legal Restrictions:
- For geographical numbers, the location of the end user (place of residence/business) must be within the relevant geographic zone. If requested, customer shall send the location of the end user (place of residence/business) within 24 hours of receiving the request, otherwise the number may be disconnected.
- Mobile numbers can only be used for Person to Person communication.
- A Local Address and ID Requirement applies for Mobile numbers from Spain. An address in Spain is required. An ID card or passport number needs to be provided for individuals, a fiscal identification number (CIF) for corporations.

Service Restrictions:
- Reachability issues have been reported when dialing 518 national numbers from outside Spain.
- 901 national numbers are not reachable from other countries than Spain.
- International reachability issues exist for inbound voice on Mobile numbers.
- VoxNumbers with area codes 901 and 902 are shared cost numbers

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