How does VoxNumbers Virtual Phone Number Works?

Virtual numbers work anywhere in the world and you can get and customize virtual number in minutes;

1. Pick a number of your choice

Get a toll free, local number or International phone number of your choice. You can also port your number to VoxNumbers for free.

2. Forward calls

Create a custom main greeting with auto attendant or forward calls directy to your VoIP/IP PBX system with SIP account or phone number of your choice including mobiles. You can also forward to voicemail directly..


Now when customers call, they are connected to your virtual number through VoxNumbers.

If you choose to create virtual receptionist, callers hear customized and professionally recorded greetings, and are then routed where you want & when you want, based on rules you create.

You also have the option to forward calls directly to your VoIP system/SIP account or phone number of your choice.

You'll never miss an important opportunity and can avoid unwanted or unimportant calls.