Virtual Number SIP Forwarding

VoxNumbers SIP Forwarding Service

With virtual number SIP forwarding services, you can forward calls to any IP PBX or VoIP account of your choice.

With worldwide SIP forwarding, you and your employees can be reached on virtually any VoIP account in the world including home, office IP PBX systems, VoIP devices or even VoIP apps on mobile phones.

How SIP Forwarding Works?

Just access your Account page at our website and choose VoIP/SIP forwarding feature from PBX Settings. Here you can enter the URI of your SIP/VoIP account and configure the voicemail settings in case your SIP/VoIP account is not reachable.. It's that simple. If you travel or change your VoIP device, just input the new SIP URI and all calls will ring wherever you are.

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