Porting International Number

Porting International Phone Numbers are FREE

You don't have to lose your phone number if you change phone companies. If VoxNumbers offers phone numbers in a city or town near you there's a good chance you can keep your existing phone number if you switch to VoxNumbers.

This is called Local Number Portability (LNP) and with VoxNumbers it is FREE.

How to Port Your Number Free?

Porting your phone number to our service is an effortless and easy task and with VoxNumbers it takes only (10) business days to complete.

This feature is available for only US phone numbers.

To port your phone number, first you need to buy a temporary US phone number from us which would be replaced with ported number at the end of the process.

You can buy a phone number while signing up for VoxNumbers account choosing a phone number with the area code of the number you want to port. If you are already a VoxNumbers customer you can buy the phone number by logging into My Account and then following "Buy Phone Number" link.

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