Virtual Number Features

Auto-Attendant, Unlimited Extensions, Call Forwarding, Voicemail to email and more...

VoxNumbers Virtual Number provides below features

Get a Toll Free, Local or International Number

Get a toll free number

For local, national and even international presence, you can have virtual numbers from all around the world for your business. Forward calls to any phone number in the world or to voicemail instantly.

Virtual Number

No Hardware to Purchase or Install

VoxNumbers works with your existing mobile and home/office phones so you never have to purchase, install, or maintain expensive phone hardware. It's all on the "cloud".

Virtual Receptionist Option

Record Greeting

As an option, create Virtual Receptionist that initially answers the incoming calls, eliminating the need for a full-time receptionist. Callers hear a custom business greeting, and then are given options for routing their calls.

Virtual Receptionist

Unlimited Extensions

Create & customize extensions to forward calls anywhere: home, office or cell. Instantly create department extensions, and employee extensions.

Get Voicemails Delivered via email

voicemail to email

No more calling in to check messages: just open the MP3 attachment while checking emails. It's as easy as that!

Virtual Receptionist

Record Greetings or Use our Recording Service

The most professional businesses use our Recording Service to record their greetings. You can even upload or record your own greetings as easily as you do your mobile phone voicemail greeting.

More Virtual Number Features

Port your Number Free

Forward your Virtual Number to SIP account


More Benefits of VoxNumbers

Compared to a traditional phone service or office telephone system, VoxNumbers offers many advantages to help your small business thrive. Here are just a few...

Initial and Ongoing Cost Savings

With VoxNumbers, your small business phone system is operated and maintained by VoxNumbers, so there's no upfront investment and no repair, upgrade, or maintenance costs. Just your basic monthly fee, which is peanuts compared to buying and servicing a traditional high-end phone system.

State of the Art Phone Features

Just like a Fortune 500 small business phone system, VoxNumbers greets all your callers professionally with your company name, enables callers to connect to anyone in your company, enables instant conference calls, provides voicemail to email for every person in your company -just to name a few! Now your small business looks just like the big guys to the outside world!

Ease of Setup and Use

VoxNumbers is 100% web-based and comes pre-configured based on your specific business and users. Making adjustments or changes to your small business phone system is a snap, with no special skills or expertise required! You can access your VoxNumbers settings from the device of your choice, whether a smart phone, tablet, or laptop. This takes your mind off technology and puts it back where it belongs: on running your business.

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